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The road to recovery starts here at The Center for Wellness and Recovery of Northeast Georgia. Everyone’s path is unique. Our fundamental principles are built on the disease concept of addiction. Addiction should be treated as a chronic disease, not an acute episode. Substance Use Disorders disrupt the life of the individual, family, and friends. We are here to help you and your family understand how to manage, support, and treat addiction. The first step is admitting the problem and admitting you need help. This is a difficult first step, but an especially important step toward getting the help needed to instill hope and inspiration that a new way of living is possible. We regard our dedicated professionals as an integral part of the recovery team. We believe that each person has an inherent potential for growth and change. The experienced staff at The Center for Wellness and Recovery contribute their expertise to every client, helping you understand and overcome your challenges in collaboration with family and other support systems. Our goal is to help you reach a healthier, happier life, free of the consequences of addiction. We will provide the tools and skills necessary for a journey on the road to recovery.

Our Person-Centered Philosophy

Recovery is a journey. Every person’s path is unique in what challenges they are presented with in life, what strengths they possess…and where they strive to grow. Person-centered care is a way to work with patients to identify strengths, preferences, needs (both clinical and support needs) and desired outcomes for each patient. Our person-centered philosophy can be described as the balance between what is important to a person and what is important for a person. The Center for Wellness and Recovery leadership and staff are dedicated to providing patient-centered services. To this end, persons receiving services will provide the primary direction in shaping their services and formulating their plan of service or support.

Our Background

The Center for Wellness and Recovery of Northeast Georgia was founded by a dedicated group of stakeholders committed to reducing fatal opioid overdoses in Stephens County. Stephens County, plagued by substance abuse and the opioid crisis, ranked 9th out of 159 counties for opioid prescriptions written per 100 people in 2019. Hope for a Drug Free Stephens was formed in 2020 and prevention, treatment and recovery solutions were identified. Providers were educated, first responders were trained and equipped with Narcan to reverse the effects of overdose and awareness and prevention campaigns were held. The strategic plan, designed by the stakeholders, focused on the need for detox and treatment solutions in the community and the rest is history. The Center for Wellness and Recovery opened in May of 2021, one year ahead of schedule.

467 West Doyle Street
Toccoa, GA 30577
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