The Center for Wellness and Recovery of Northeast Georgia is an addiction treatment center that provides services for adults with substance use disorders as primary diagnoses as well as co-occurring disorders (anxiety, bipolar, depression, PTSD, etc). Our services include clinical assessments, withdrawal treatment, residential recovery with individual therapy, group therapy, continuing care, peer support from peer specialists and outpatient counseling. In all services, we promote individual services to connect with people and walk with them in their journey.

Residential Detox is medically assisted detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol and usually lasts a minimum of 5-7 days. If the patient stays the recommended 30-day treatment time, they will leave the center free of drugs or alcohol in their system (unless otherwise prescribed by their doctor).

Residential Treatment for alcohol or substances usually requires detox (this can be done inside or outside of our facility). Once in residential recovery, the patient will progress into counseling sessions while continuing to work on their sobriety. These sessions include individual, group, and peer counseling led by addiction certified counselors.

Outpatient Treatment will be encouraged once the patient has successfully completed our residential treatment program. The Center for Wellness and Recovery offers outpatient counseling to any individual suffering from substance use or mental health disorders, or those that simply need to talk to someone, regardless of whether they have been through our program before.

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